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I Love My Daily Zen

  • “I love being an My Daily Zen Member. It's easier to feel love and be in focus when I'm doing mindfulness meditations. Geoff from the Valhalla Team is like a Mindfulness angel, his work taught me how to find bliss and joy in my heart. Thank you very much. Wonderful!”

    Cindi Miller

    Washington, DC, USA

  • “I cannot tell you how glad I was that I came across Valhalla Mind’s courses. The timing was perfect.  Not only I did get more out of the last few month of 2015, but now I have more energy and determination to crush it in 2016.”

    Erik Van Dijk

    Amsterdam, Netherlands

  • “Working with the Valhalla Mind Team as my personal and virtual coach and through their training certifications, I was able to see both what I want and how to get there.”

    Mia Garcia

    London, UK

  • “The courses offered on My Daily Zen are great. I am a passive person, I've learned to tackle that now. I love the monthly training sessions with Zane and Geoff”

    Zach Collins

    Seattle, WA, USA

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  • Testimonial 3 - Erik Van Dijk
  • Testimonial 2 - Mia Garcia
  • Testimonial 1 - Zach Collins

My Daily Zen Blog

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