Purity – Sounds for Deep Meditation & Healing

The purifying sound of bowed Tibetan bells is the focal point of this minimalist healing music. Accompanied by lustrous chimes and occasional washes of white noise, the therapeutic tones of “Purity” are designed to clear the mind, purify one’s energy and soothe the nervous system. The eight tracks of this album all flow together to create an hour long “sound bath” that is wonderfully relaxing.

Best experienced at a very quiet volume with your eyes closed.

Composer’s CommentaryMeditation Smaller

Tibetan bells usually have a smooth-milled rim that can be bowed with a wooden mallet to produce slow, sustained tones that have the most hauntingly beautiful quality. The sound they produce is incredibly pure. I can’t think of a better word to describe it than that.

When multiple bells are played in combination, their tones intermingle in an organic and sometimes unexpected ways, combining to create more complex, layered sounds that can be mind-numbingly hypnotic. That’s exactly what you’ll hear throughout the album “Purity”. Bowed Tibetan bells are the focal point of this album and they are only accompanied by an occasional sprinkling of chimes and some subtle white noise sweeps.

The music of Purity completely abandons typical musical structures. There is no discernible tempo, and no key signature. There are no defined verses or choruses and there’s certainly no big guitar solo at the end.

Christopher-Singing-BellThis lack of traditional music structure frees me to perform in an intuitive fashion, using sound as a therapeutic healing tool.  The result is unstructured, flowing music that encourages your mind to let go of its own rigid structures – repetitive thinking patterns are dismantled and negative or dark psychological energies are naturally dissolved.

You could think of this album as “Sonic Reiki”.

For some people, the minimalistic, formless nature of this music will be an entirely new experience, and one that can be profoundly relaxing. There are no emotional highs or lows, just a free flowing palette of textures, colours and lights that the mind can shape and interpret in its own way.

The eight tracks on this album flow together as a cohesive musical experience, so even though there are short breaks between each track, when you experience the album as a whole you may not be able to identify where one track finishes and another begins. This can prove handy for those who wish to use the music in the background of their own recording. You can loop one particular track, or you can string multiple tracks together in any particular order to create a seamless, long-playing musical backdrop of any duration.


Meet the Composer

Christopher Lloyd Clarke B.Sc, Msc.D.  He is also…Christopher Lloyd Clarke

• An associate member of the Australian Music Therapy Association.
• A devoted musician who loves making music that helps people experience inner peace, healing and joy.
• A peace loving Australian with a great sense of humour.
• A 6′ 3″ tall, bald-headed science geek with an educational background in biology, metaphysics and audio production.
• A big-hearted spiritual guy who has been making music and practicing meditation since 1997.

Christopher is best known for his work as a composer and producer of music for meditation and hypnosis. From his studio on the southern coast of Australia, his ongoing mission is to create music that helps to relax, heal and inspire people.

Suggested Uses

Background music for guided meditations, especially those in which an abstract, hypnotic musical accompaniment is required.

As an adjunct to massage and other holistic healing therapies, especially those that focus on energy balancing.

As a focal point for meditation and / or stress management classes. Group meditations while listening to music like this can be transformative and

Listening Tips

I highly recommend that you listen at a very quiet volume, and I mean VERY quietly. It only needs to tickle your eardrums ever so gently to work its magic.

It’s also worth mentioning that in some cases, listeners who are exceptionally stressed may find this music irritating at first. Those who work in the healing arts will recognize this as sign of stresses and/or traumas that have surfaced and are ready to be released. Keeping the music at a quiet volume will help to moderate this experience.


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