Powerful Thinking on Purpose Video Training

In this video series, Wendy Merron reveals profound and easy ways to achieve personal and business success – simply by learning how to control your thoughts.

Introduction to the class

Welcome to Powerful Thinking on Purpose Course and Coaching Program!

This 3-part online training and coaching program will set you on the path to joining the ranks of the world’s most positive, happy and highly engaged people.

Please note that this course is a recorded teleclass that our Trainer and Coach Wendy Merron delivered to her paid clients and now is so graciously made available to all My Daily Zen members.Powerful Thinking on Purpose Training - featured

In this course you will learn step-by-step, the same proven tools Wendy and her clients use – you’ll be thrilled at how easy you can feel better when you take control of your thoughts.

As you practice these life changing techniques, notice how your new positive mindset impacts your personal and even your professional life.

For those of you who worry about things you can’t control, you’ll discover a profound and simple way to feel better – no matter what you are experiencing. Just learning this is PRICELESS!

In Powerful Thinking on Purpose Training Course, Wendy clearly explains why some positive thinking and even affirmations don’t always work, and gives you the secret to overcome blocks and limiting beliefs.

Do you worry about things you can’t control? Does fear hold you back from enjoying your life?

If you want your career and life to get better, and change the habitual ways you think, this course is the ultimate guide to get you there. Here you will discover:

  1. A Surprisingly Easy Way To Get Over Your Fears
  2. Simple Tools to Stop Worry
  3. How to Avoid The Common Mistakes When Visualizing for Success, and More!

In Powerful Thinking on Purpose, Wendy takes you step by step from the cause of worry and negative thoughts, to the simple tools you need to be more positive, change your life, be in control, and achieve your goals. Even before you finish Powerful Thinking on Purpose, you can incorporate these simple tools to help you get from where you are now – to where you want to be – with more love, fulfillment, and happiness.

So let’s Begin

Powerful Thinking On Purpose – Training Session # 1

Powerful Thinking On Purpose – Training Session # 2

Powerful Thinking On Purpose – Training Session # 3

CONGRATS , your just finished this AMAZING and Life-Changing Course.

Give yourself a big round of applause for having stepped up, joined, and completed this program.

To a more successful and positive you!
Talk soon.


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Wendy is a powerhouse for self-improvement and personal growth!  She is certified in a number of practices and has helped thousands of people improve their daily life. She is also the author of the Amazon Best Seller – Powerful Thinking on Purpose. You can get a copy or learn more about her award winning book by clicking the following link or

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