Modern Muse Ultimage Relaxation Music

Make music your mate and bid goodbye to the myriad illnesses that plague modern man. The Modern Muse Ultimate Relaxation Music in this album is made specially to rid you of your stresses and to put you in the feel of your real nature of happiness and calm.

Introduction to the class

First Thing You Need to Learn is How to Use Music for Relaxation

Here, I am going to share with you some tips that are important to understanding before you start using music for relaxation or using music as part of your relaxation techniques.

– Using music for relaxation is quite different from playing background music or listening to music for entertainment. It is possible to play relaxing music for a background, but when using music specifically for a relaxation exercise, decide how much time you would like to devote to relaxation at that moment. I call this “Me-usic Time.”Modern Muse Ultimage Relaxation Music

– It is possible to use music alone for relaxation or combine music with a relaxation script. Some people prefer to relax without music. Others find that music can help them relax more easily. Experiment to find out what works best for you as we all work differently and the best way to figure out what suits us best is to try.

– When you start your music relaxation journey, short sessions are best to start with (5 – 10 minutes). As you become more skilled at relaxing, you may want to extend the length of your sessions – some people enjoy relaxing for up to an hour – My best time record is 90 minutes of absolute relaxation.

– Best music for relaxation is music without distinct lyrics – instrumental music or chants, for example.

– Find your style. Each person will have unique preferences. Be aware, different styles of music will have different effects on your mood and energy level. For relaxation, select music that makes you feel calm and is not too distracting.

Music for relaxation ideally need to be:

– non-distracting
– calming
– something that helps you feel peaceful
– music you like

Alright, now time to try this out, use this ultimate relaxation music below for your 1st, 2nd, and all your future relaxation sessions.

Let the ambient music dissipate your cares and the sweet Celtic chimes bring gladness to your heart. Building on such elements the tracks you are just about to listen to, waft you into a world of calmness, relaxation, and repose. Enjoy!!



Recommendation: We play this on afternoons that we feel really stressed out. We all get into some stressful states from time to time and this cd is wonderful to ease the worries and bring in the calmness.

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